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The mission of CCAR is to provide consistent and compliant Environmental, Safety, and HazMat training, as well as education and environmental best practices for the global motor vehicle industry. CCAR’s vision is one of a workplace with fully trained automotive professionals, focusing on their craft, enhancing their overall business and living Safe. Clean. Green.

The vision of CCAR is to ensure all automotive professionals are healthy and safe. Our extensive amount of resources provides you with the most relevant, up-to-date information about and impacting the automotive industry.

Even handling a low level of hazardous materials can be dangerous. If you’re not properly trained to pack, mark, label, ship, work with, or transport hazardous materials, you could be putting yourself and your employees at risk for injury, illness, and heavy fines and penalties. Violating the federal DOT hazardous materials transportation laws is quite serious.

Hazard Communication is a topic most automotive professionals know about. And yet, it’s No. 2 on the top 10 list of OSHA citations. Accidents can happen; therefore, safety and environmental training is crucial for you and your employees. The advantages of training include

  • Keep students and employees safe and health
  • Develop safety knowledge for all personnel
  • Prevent pollution and handle wastes correctly
  • Reduce days lost due to injuries or safety-related issues
  • Reduce waste-handling costs and time
  • Comply with federal and state regulations
  • Avoid regulatory fines

"Exposure to hazardous chemicals is one of the most serious threats facing American workers today," said former U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. "Revising OSHA's Hazard Communication standard will improve the quality and consistency of hazard information, making it safer for workers to do their jobs and easier for employers to stay competitive."

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