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Environmental, Hazardous Material, and Safety Training

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Mechanical Course Overview:

If you handle coolant, oil and brake fluid, or other chemicals in the workplace, OSHA and the EPA require you to complete safety and environmental training before even entering the automotive shop, and then at least annually after.

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With CCAR’s Environmental and Safety courses:

• One training subscription covers an entire staff
• Giving you the very latest OSHA and EPA safety and pollution
  prevention training modules in a convenient online format.

As an automotive shop professional, the EPA and OSHA make changes regularly that impact you.

Recently, OSHA revised its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to align with the Global Harmonization Standard (GHS).

The OSHA deadline to complete automotive safety training classes was December 1, 2013.

  Download the OSHA 2013 Training Requirements for the Revised Hazard Communication Standard

In order to remain in compliance, you need to be aware of this change, new labeling elements and a new standardized format for SDSs (formerly known as Material Data Safety Sheets or MSDSs).

Document: GHS_FAQ.pdf

HazmatU Course Description:

Under the DOT regulations
(Title 49 Part 172.702), any employee defined as a hazmat employee is required to complete hazardous materials training.

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Training must be repeated in its entirety (not just updated or refreshed) at least every three years.

This includes employees who:

• Load, unload or handle hazardous materials
• Prepare, package, label or mark hazardous materials
• Operate a vehicle used to transport hazardous materials

For an automotive service facility, employees that need to be trained include:
• Parts management
• Parts shipping and receiving
• Parts drivers
• Service employees
• Service management

CCAR’s hazardous material courses, called HazmatU:
• Covers an entire automotive dealer staff under one training subscription,
• Provides the very latest DOT-compliant training modules – online, anywhere you have Internet access.

HazmatU Training Course


Surface Transportation of Automotive Hazardous Materials (4 Course Bundle)
Multimodal (i.e. Sea & Air) Transportation of Automotive Hazardous Materials
(Canada) Transport of Automotive Dangerous Goods

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