4 Things Your Customers Should Know About AGM Batteries

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Your customers prefer to replace batteries as infrequently as possible. At the same time, they want their vehicle’s 150+ electrical devices to keep working — but standard batteries just aren’t keeping up.
It’s time to introduce your customers to absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. These advanced lead acid batteries feature an absorbent glass mat separator, which helps this type of product offer better performance than other lead acid batteries. Research shows that techs — and their customers — are excited about AGM batteries once they discover the benefits. In fact, by 2022, AGM adoption is projected to jump to 47 percent of vehicles. Here are a few reasons why:
Reliable power for GPS, backup cameras, DVD players, heated seats and more. Yesterday’s batteries were primarily needed just for starting the car. Today’s batteries must support extended use of the safety, comfort and convenience features that consumers enjoy on today’s vehicles. With superior charge acceptance and repetitive charge / discharge cycling capability, best in class AGM batteries, like Johnson Controls brands, are precision-engineered to meet those demands.
Extended life, even in extreme conditions. AGM batteries last longer than standard batteries in real-world, like-for-like use, ensuring the consumer gets worry free dependable operation in today’s more demanding applications. In cold weather, AGM batteries start the car reliably, thanks to improved electrical flow, and recharge faster, reducing failures. In hot weather, the unique AGM design resists deterioration, ensuring stable voltage and supporting longer cycle life.
Safety in design and performance. The NON-SPILLABLE design of an AGM battery means it won’t leak during transportation or installation; it’s also the safest lead-acid battery in the event of a crash. And as vehicles become more autonomous — self-parking, self-braking, self-driving — it’s essential to have a battery that won’t fail when you need it.
Start-stop ready. Start-stop technology shuts off the engine when a vehicle stops, at a traffic light or in stop-and-go traffic, and restarts it quickly and quietly when the clutch is engaged or the brake pedal released. These vehicles need a more robust battery to power electrical loads when the engine is off and to support a high number of starts per trip. AGM batteries deliver the required power and endurance, and are the preferred solution for start-stop technology, which is already popular in Europe and expected to be in 50 percent of all vehicles globally by 2023.
Vehicles are changing — and it’s time for a battery technology that can power these changes. Today’s AGM batteries offer optimal cycling performance, high reliability with no potential for acid leakage, and above all, the right technology for tomorrow’s vehicles.
Introduce your customers to the benefits of AGM batteries, demonstrating that you’re on top of change — and committed to their vehicle safety and satisfaction.


Written by CCAR