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ATI and CCAR have partnered up to offer all our valued clients safety / hazmat on-line training and best practices to assist in saving limbs and lives while minimizing the loss of productivity.

Why CCAR Training is required:

Shop Safety training is mandated by Federal and State regulatory agencies. In addition, employees are the most valuable asset in a shop and deserve every affordable protection.  Our extensive list of available Safety Training Modules is designed to cover the most common situations your auto technicians may encounter.

About CCAR

Our Mission

The mission of CCAR is to provide consistent and compliant Safety, Pollution Prevention, and HazMat training, as well as Education and Environmental best practices for the global motor vehicle industry.

Our Vision

CCAR’s vision is one of a workplace with fully trained automotive professionals, focusing on their craft, enhancing their overall business and living ‘Safe, Clean and Green.’