Employee Rights Notice Posting

As of April 30, 2012, most private sector employers will be required to post a notice advising employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. (The original effective date was postponed.) The notice should be posted in a conspicuous place, where other notifications of workplace rights and employer rules and policies are posted.

Refrigerants R40 The Green Sheet Blog

Refrigerant Review: R-40

“Extremely toxic… flammable… highly reactive…” As you might imagine, anytime we hear those words used in our industry it causes our antenna to up in a big way. More and more we are learning about the dangers of a very volatile refrigerant called R-40. This dangerous and harmful material is NOT suited for mobile air

Pneumatic vs Electric Hand Tool for Savings

By Sue Schauls Pneumatic tools are a regular part of the dismantling operations at auto salvage facilities. Air compressors are expensive to purchase and to use. “Right-sizing” is an important part of management. Downsizing the compressor to the job at hand can save money. A compressor running at part-load is generally less efficient than when

CCAR to Participate at 2012 NATC

CCAR is once again sponsoring three work stations at the 2012 National Automotive Technology Competition and Automotive Career Fair, held in conjunction with the Greater New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.    The annual event is set this year for April 10th and 11th. CCAR’s Rod Enlow, VP

Collision Repair Program – Paint Rule FAQs

by Sue Schauls, CCAR Environmental & Safety Consultant FAQS: Do Community Colleges and Vocational Schools need to comply with the Paint Rule? YES. The new Paint Rule or the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) 6H that applies to auto body shop means that school training programs need to be complaint with the


From The President's Desk

Welcome, to our first quarterly newsletter of 2012! This year has started off with a ‘bang’ and we expect the positive momentum to continue throughout the year and beyond. By now you have hopefully spent some time on our new (and vastly improved) website (www.ccar-greenlink.org) – something that we have been working on for quite

Earth Day 2012 – Mobilize The Earth

On April 22, more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day 2012 and help Mobilize the Earth™. People of all nationalities and backgrounds will voice their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. Together we will stand united for a sustainable future and call upon individuals, organizations, and governments

Safe, Clean and Green: It’s What We Do.

Welcome to the first CCAR-Greenlink® blog. In this space will be a semi-regular outpouring of peeves, opinions, facts and fun brought to you by members of the staff and executive leadership of the Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair (CCAR). Safety, clean solutions and a respect for our environment (green) is not just a marketing message here at CCAR-Greenlink® … it is our reason for being. From awareness and training, to helping shops become more governmentally compliant, CCAR-Greenlink® strives to create alliances that will enhance our core mission of providing services and information to help you become safe, clean and green.

State Spotlight: California

Dept of Toxic Substances Control Vehicle Service and Repair Program: More than 31,000 vehicle service and repair shops exist in California. Individually, these businesses do not generate a lot of hazardous waste, but collectively they represent a significant source of pollution. If you operate an auto repair shop or fleet maintenance facility, there are opportunities

National Toxicology Program Carcinogens

Addition of National Toxicology Program Carcinogens – Final Rule On November 26, 2010, EPA finalized a rule to provide communities with additional information about toxic chemicals being released to the environment. The rule, which will be effective on November 30, 2010, adds 16 chemicals to the TRI list of reportable chemicals. This action is part of