Preventing Heat-Related Injuries

For a PDF copy of TST 109-B, including quiz sign-off sheet, Click Here  Summer temperatures can be especially dangerous for those who perform strenuous work outdoors. Heat, humidity and dehydration can be harmful or even fatal. If workers do not take the proper precautions, they can lose concentration, feel sick or irritable and lose the desire for


Random Inspections Improve Workplace Safety

This article was written by Elizabeth Norton and originally appeared on the Science Mag website. View the original article. Do government regulations in the workplace protect employees and consumers, or does the high cost of compliance merely drive companies to layoffs and bankruptcy? Proponents of each argument make their cases based on passion and little

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OSHA welcomes Alliance members & families

OSHA to kick off 2012 NAOSH Week On May 7, Assistant Secretary Dr. David Michaels, along with Terrie Norris, President of the American Society of Safety Engineers and Jim Hopkins, Secretary of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering marked the start of this year’s North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week. The Assistant Secretary highlighted OSHA’s


OSHA & the Laser Institute of America renew Alliance

On May 9, OSHA renewed its Alliance with the Laser Institute of America (LIA) to reduce and prevent worker exposure to laser beam and non-beam hazards in industrial, research and medical workplaces. The Alliance will also share information on laser regulations and standards, effects lasers have on the eyes and skin, laser control measures and laser safety program


OSHA Poster on Young Worker's Safety

OSHA’s “I have rights” poster for young workers is available for order. The poster is directed at workers aged 16-24 to provide information and educational resources about rights to a safe and healthful workplace under the OSH Act. To request copies, call 202-693-1999 or visit OSHA’s Publications page to order online. Additional information for young workers, employers, parents and educators,

OSHA Helps NC Manufacturer Protect Workers

In an industry where workers are at risk for hazards from amputation to combustible dust, Edwards Wood Products, Inc. (EWPI) of Marshville, NC decided to reach out to the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL), Consultative Services Bureau, for help in strengthening its safety and health management system. J. Lynn Greene, EWPI’s Human Resources and


OSHA Brings Transparency To Variance Approval

To make the process of applying for a variance more transparent and straightforward, OSHA has posted new application forms and checklists to its Variances page. A variance is a regulatory action that permits an employer to deviate from the requirements of an OSHA standard under specified conditions. OSHA may grant a variance to employers who can prove

Niosh Finds Silica Hazard

NIOSH Researchers Find Silica Hazard

NIOSH researchers find respirable crystalline silica hazard for workers engaged in hydraulic fracturing operations On April 30, NIOSH researchers presented preliminary data (PDF*) which suggest that gas and oil workers may be exposed to dangerously high levels of respirable crystalline silica while performing hydraulic fracturing operations. The researchers found that nearly half (47%) of the workers sampled

OSHA's Fall Prevention Campaign

OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign: New OSHA and stakeholder educational materials on fatal falls As part of OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign to prevent deadly falls in the construction industry, OSHA is working closely with NIOSH, the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) program and scores of stakeholders to get resources out to employers and workers – especially vulnerable workers with