Buying refrigerant cylinders after 1/1/18? Here's what you'll need to know

The following was provided by our colleagues at the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS)

Section 609 Certifcation is required to buy cylinders of refrigerant after Jan 1, 2018
Please be aware after January 1, 2018 a Section 609 certification card will be required to purchase R-12, R-134a, or R-1234yf cylinders of 10 pounds or more.
Distributors will be required to keep records of certified technicians purchasing refrigerant.
Click here to read the regulations on the EPA website.
Click here to learn about and obtain Section 609 certification from MACS Worldwide. Cost $20.
Click here to learn how to replace missing or lost Section 609 credentials. Cost $10.
If you are already Section 609 certified your credentials are good for life.
There is no mandatory re-certification required by EPA, however the Section 609 training program was updated as of 1/1/2015 and includes information on the new refrigerant R-1234yf.
So if you’d personally like to expand your knowledge visit our website and download the study guide.
Click here to learn about EPA Fines for not being Section 609 certified see CAA fines. Maximum daily fine $44,539.
For more information call the MACS office at
215-631-7020 x 0 email us at

Written by CCAR