California SB 778 stipulates 10K mile minimum for motor oil manufacturers

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An interesting bit of information just crossed our desk, involving motor oil sold in the State of California.
Senate Bill No.. 778 — introduced by Senator Allen and Amended in the Senate on 4/6/15 reads (in part);
“This bill, on and after January 1, 2018, would require all automotive oil sold in this state to be certified by the oil manufacturer to achieve a minimum useful life of 10,000 miles when used in accordance with the automobile manufacturer’s recommendations, and to meet current automotive industry standards.”
The language in the Bill goes on to say “Used automotive oil is one of the largest sources of hazardous waste generated in California. While California has a robust recycling program in place, about 40% of automotive oil can never be collected for recycling because it is lost in use, either burned in the combustion chamber or dripped onto streets and parking lots. Of the oil that is collected, only a small percentage is actually rerefined into new automotive oil.”
We here at CCAR are regular attendees at the meetings of the California Bureau of Automotive Repair’s Business Advisory Group, and we will keep you updated as we learn of any further news or progress regarding this Bill. In the meantime, here is a link for the Bill in its entirety;

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