Latest airbag recall not the same 'ol same 'ol

On Saturday, January 31st the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that approximately 2.1 million vehicles were being recalled due to concerns with their air bags.
This time however, the recall involves concerns with the electronic chip(s) used within the air bag system. This is a separate concern — unrelated to the Takata air bag recall that has affected several million vehicles over the past several months.
According to NHTSA, the affected vehicles — manufactured by Toyota, Chrysler, Pontiac, and Honda — could cause the air bags to deploy when they are not supposed to. In their report, they mention approximately 400 cases of “inadvertent deployment” of the air bags in the vehicles in question.
The models affected include: 2002-2003 Jeep Liberty and 2002-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees (about 750,000 vehicles); 2003-2004 Honda Odyssey; and 2003 Acura MDX (about 370,000 vehicles) and 2003-2004 Pontiac Vibe; Dodge Viper; and Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, and Toyota Avalon (about 1 million vehicles, not all of which were sold in the United States.)
NHTSA said the affected models had a part called an electronic control unit that controls deployment of its air bags. TRW Automotive Holdings supplied control units containing the same control circuit to all three automakers.
The “fix” involves replacing the entire air bag module, including circuits manufactured by TRW. Reports indicated that  it could take several months for the companies to obtain enough parts to fix all the vehicles involved.
TRW is supporting its customers in these recalls fully, and will cooperate with NHTSA and provide information to the Agency if requested.
Definitely NOT the same ‘ol same ‘ol in regard to concerns involving air bag recalls.
Click here for more information from NHTSA.

Written by CCAR