new DOT rule does not modify the need to train

as reported by our colleagues at NADA;
DOT Relaxes Some Hazmat Shipping Requirements
A new U.S. Department of Transportation rule relaxes the hazardous material (hazmat) shipping requirements for air bags and seat belt pretensioners. Dealership parts and service departments and body shops receive and/or ship a variety of hazmat, including¬†chemicals, batteries, solvents, oils, and wastes in addition to air bags and seat belt pretensioners. Effective August 29, 2013, the new federal rule eliminates the need to obtain explosive (EX) numbers for use on shipping papers accompanying air bag modules, inflators and seat-belt pretensioners. It does not, however, modify the mandate that dealerships properly package and mark these items prior to shipment. It also does not modify the need for dealership employees who receive, ship, or transport hazardous materials to be trained every three years on the DOT’s hazmat packaging, labeling, and shipping rules. NADA’s A Dealer Guide to the Federal Hazmat Transportation Regulations (publication L37) is currently being revised to reflect these and other recent changes.
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