Nobody offers you better value than HazmatU. NOBODY.


The Department of Transportation (DOT) classifies Lithium Batteries as Hazardous Materials (i.e. hazmats). The same goes for seat belt pretensioners, R-134a refrigerant, and AIR BAG MODULES.


Most, if not all, of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have published various Service Bulletins and communications* addressing this very subject. Why? Well, today’s modern vehicles have many more hazmat components than they used to have (and the trend is to see even more in the years to come). That, in addition to the ongoing Takata airbag recall efforts, have those of us in the vehicle service industry more aware of hazmat-handling best-practices than ever before.


Which is a good thing.


DOT’s requirements are that anyone involved with the handling of the hazmats be trained within 90-days of starting on the job (and that the training be retaken every three [3] years thereafter). Who should be trained? The primary users of our online HazmatU training includes Parts Managers, Parts Drivers, Shippers/Receivers, and Technicians.


Turnover is a challenge for just about everyone in auto service and repair these days.


Earlier this year the fine folks at the ASE Training Managers Council (ATMC) published the results of their annual OE Benchmark Survey. Among the findings; Technician Turnover is well over 21% (and rising) while the Industry Average Turnover is at 22% (and, also rising).


Knowing this, why would anyone sign up for a training program that only allowed access for 30-days? Why would anyone purchase a SINGLE SEAT subscription when DOT requirements cover so many job responsibilities?


CCAR’s HazmatU training
( is offered on a rooftop basis. That means that whether your location has 20 people – or more than 200 – the cost is only $299 for a 12-month subscription. Many of our clients tell us that they build this training right into their new hire orientation program(s) – and with turnover at 20% or better, chances are you are going to be hiring.


Nobody offers you better value than HazmatU. Nobody. For more information, visit the HazmatU website ( or the CCAR website ( You can also call us at 888/476-5465, or reach us via email at


*Service Bulletins and communications such as;

General Motors Bulletin No. 99-00-89-019R (click here)

FCA’s Mandatory Hazmat Training Policy (click here)

Ford Safety Recall 18S02 (click here)



Written by CCAR