Under the federal “Superfund” law, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the authority to clean up sites contaminated with high levels of hazardous substances that may present a threat to Superfund Imagehuman health or the environment. The full name of the Superfund law is the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, or “CERCLA,” 42 U.S.C. §§ 9601-9674. The Superfund law also authorizes EPA to require the parties who are responsible for the contamination to help with the cleanup. The law, however, contains several exemptions which may reduce or eliminate a party’s responsibility for cleanup, including the Service Station Dealer Exemption (“SSDE”).

The SSDE is intended to encourage service station dealers to accept, for recycling, used motor oil from Do-It-Yourselfer (“DIY”) recyclers. You may be eligible for the Service Station Dealer Exemption if you:


EPA Issues model application/information request document

EPA announced the availability of the Model Application/Information Request for CERCLA Service Station Dealer Exemption. EPA will use the model to gather the information necessary to decide which parties it should or should not treat as potentially responsible parties at a Superfund site.

More information about the scope of the SSDE, including definitions for the terms above, can be found at:

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