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Health & Safety Manager

Managing Worker Health and Safety: An Auto Refinish Shop Success Story

This case study describes how a dedicated shop manager makes sure his painters know the risks from auto refinish chemicals and how to protect themelves. Included in this fact sheet is information regarding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), appropriate protective equipment, and employee training.
Developed by EPA Design for the Environment Program (EPA/744-F-00-017) April 2001

OSHA Hazard Communication Program
OSHA’s program to reduce the incidence of chemical source illness and injuries.

Working Safely with Polyurethane Paints Video Kit
Bayer Corporation: Working Safely with Polyurethane Paints This video and booklet from Bayer Material Science LLC outlining recommended precautions and procedures for working safely with polyurethane paints.

Health & Safety Information-Desmodur® N:
Persons who handle or work with HDI-based polyisocyanates must be familiar with the potential risks involved and must be trained in the safe use and handling of these materials. This brochure from Bayer’s Corporate Product Safety Department provides information on the human health effects and toxicity of these products, recommendations for medical procedures, safe handling practices, industrial hygiene monitoring and analysis techniques, and proper storage and disposal methods.

Isocyanates in Coatings Q&A Booklet
Bayer Corporation: Isocyanates in Coatings Q&A Booklet: This booklet from Bayer MaterialScience LLC lists commonly asked questions and answers about the use and handling of polyurethanes in coatings applications.

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